What are your art concepts, processes, and formal issues?

My artwork explores the intersectionality between impressionism and symbolism, emphasizing the accurate depiction of light while investigating how light can reveal more about the human mind. Each piece’s elements interact to imply a particular sentiment, creating a unique narrative about the person’s emotional state.
I begin my process with a digital photograph. While volunteering at nursing homes or interning at medical centers, I take a moment to shoot multiple frames at varying compositions of spatial depth and angles. Then, I sketch out the outlines of the afterimage and fill out the voids, conceptualizing light as a scrutinizer. 
I further examine the effects of light by adding color and abstract perspectives portraying biological information on the base graphite drawings to illustrate the character’s emotion that results from varying medical conditions, developing a specific tone. In “Haze,” using pastel-toned colors, I accentuated the blank expression and hazed feelings of the women who lost her remembrance due to Alzheimer’s disease, depicted conceptually by destroyed neurons. In “Remorse,” I applied a stark contrast in vibrance and hues of the colors between the woman’s past she desperately holds onto and her surroundings that symbolizes how dementia engulfs her, highlighting the woman’s longing or remorse to hold on to her memories. 
Today, taking inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci, who integrated art into his mathematical and inventive endeavors, I design 3D-products, leveraging my artistic style with functionality and structural integrity. From working with heavy machinery to creating minuscule models, my art interests challenge me to think beyond.


Who inspired you to start digital art?

ZHC is a YouTuber that graduated from Monta Vista High School, and as such, I harbor a bias for him, given his local celebrity status. He’s shown me how my generation can leverage today’s technological and social platforms to communicate across the globe, and how original artistic expression, as a result, has become even more important to share in our lives. I’m specifically drawn to ZHC’s works that seamlessly mix the casual, pop-culture style of doodling with a seemingly antithetical intent of hyperrealism, which results in the purest, best examples of unbridled imagination.

I am also greatly inspired by what he does as an artist for his community. He makes custom plushies (adorable!) as part of his brand and donates 100% of the proceedings earned from the plushie sales to community causes. His example has helped me to forge my own path into the boutique artisan market community, which is filled with many more like ZHC who leverage their artistic passions for tangible community benefits.


What do you hope to accomplish with your portrait designs?

What is the meaning of art? What is the purpose of art? These questions are rather intriguing, and there’s definitely a time and place for deeper thoughts on the evolutionary social benefits of art or the philosophical meaning of our capacity to perceive non-realities. But, simply put, I’m here to create projects that are personal and meaningful to people who crave something that they can connect to.  I focus on custom works, focusing on the feeling of personalization imbued into the pieces. In doing so, I strive to create something that will put a smile on someone’s face by offering something uniquely theirs to appreciate.


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